We are a global leader in supply chain and trading services.

We trade in petroleum products, agrochemicals, and petrochemicals with comprehensive services.

CCUS Technology

Capturing and Storing Carbon for a Cleaner Future


We can delve into the core principles of business and corporate sustainability, including the triple bottom line (environmental, social, and economic), long-term value creation, and stakeholder engagement.

Energy Transition

Emerging technologies with the potential to revolutionize the energy sector, such as carbon capture and storage, and nuclear fusion.

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Who We Are

A Global Business

Bering trading is established as a major international company in the Supply Chain and trading of Petroleum products, Agrochemicals and Petrochemicals industry, with extensive trading services.

We're a major international company

We Spread Around The World

We deal with renowned buyers & suppliers in the industry to ensure consistently qualified products, as this is one of the core strategies upon which Bering has formed. Our most valuable assets are our network of relationships with our producers and consumer customers and our people who provide diverse value-added services to our customers and clients.

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Bering was founded on august 2020

Bering has an office in United Arab Emirates.
Its operations are managed by offices located in Dubai and Sharjah.


We want to become an international fully integrated petroleum, petrochemical and steel product provider.


To be a leading company in export and import of the oil and steel products. Being the leader means investing in developing thought leadership, to help keep our firms’ customers at the forefront of progressive trading, and giving our people the best educations to provide the satisfaction of our customers as they want.

Why Choose Us

Our Leadership

Bering maintains a flat structure and short chain of command to facilitate efficient decision-making while ensuring the highest level of corporate governance and best practices. This ensures the company remains agile and can act decisively and efficiently in its day-to-day operations and secures opportunities in the interest of partners and clients. Bering’s management team works in close coordination, engaging directly with the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee.

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We Are A Global Leader In Supply Chain And Trading Services.​

We trade in petroleum products, agrochemicals, and petrochemicals with comprehensive services.

Crude Oil

We offtake crude oil from producers of all sizes and manage its trading, storing, financing and supply to counterparties and clients.

Refined Products & Energy

On a global basis, Bering sources a variety of feedstocks for the biofuel industry, such as vegetable oil, waste residues, and by-products, and then...

Product Safety

Communication about the safe use of products is an important responsibility. An increasing number of nations across the world recognize this...

Our Awesome Projects

We Take All Related Oil & Gas Projects

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